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Blackwell Self Care – Allen Blackwell is a highly experienced professional

Relaxing Swedish
* Promotes Relaxation
* Firm to Light Pressure
* Release Stress
Swedish massages are the most widely recognized and tend to be gentler and more focused on relaxation.

Deep tissue work
* Deep pressure
* Remove severe tension
* Relieve both muscles and connective tissue

This method is especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury and as part of your treatment plan.

Therapeutic relaxation
* Combines technique
* Light, firm, to deep pressure
* Help with tight muscles and knots

Hot Synergy Stone
* Effects of heat are used to relax muscles
* Thermal therapy
* Improve circulation

Target session
* Area-focused massage
* Bodywork to one or two areas
* Customized and tailored

Neck and shoulder pain relief
* Therapeutic work
* Area-focus massage
* Thermal therapy

* Foot base massage
* Calms the nervous system
* Release tensions in the feet

Full body massage with reflexology
* Relaxing
* Therapeutic
* Calms the nervous system

Chair massage
* Express massage
* Release stress and tensions
* Relaxing

Chair Massage w/ hot Synergy Stone
* Express massage
* Thermal therapy
* Relaxing

Knock your socks off
* Combines technique
* Calms the nervous system
* Release stress and tensions

Spa Treatment Massage
* Combines technique
* Thermal therapy
* Skin Care

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Arrive at Our Convenient Location

Blackwell Self-Care is located in the Oyster Point section of Newport News in the heart of the Peninsula. We are right off the interstate (J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Exit) very close to City Center. Here’s our address:

Work/Place Oyster Point
733 Thimble Shoals Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606


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